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Movie Jam: Encounter

Posted by AJennyPenny - January 31st, 2011

2 days straight of animating, drawing and 0 sleep. Why do I like fbf and drawing backgrounds in photoshop. D: I'm here with Hans, my boyfriend Andy, and Kevin and we're all dead and about to get a big breakfast. This was so incredibly fun and worth it and my first real movie on Newgrounds.

I hope you guys like it!
I grew up Mormon, so I'll have to keep this devil work a secret from the family.


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Huh...wonder why no ones commented here yet

You did a great job animating miss. You've got some talent I bet!

Thank you so much CoolDrMoney :D I appreciate that.

Awesome job on Encounter, keep it up! :D

Wah, Thank you Branduhn! <3

draw naked pictures of HVH.

Your animating was top-notch for your debut but please don't feel offended if I don't jump for joy over a guy getting corned by a rat...dog...thing.

i loved the animation! i really like your style and i hope to see more stuff from you soon! congratulations and great job

Congratulations on a fine piece of work! If it makes you feel any better, watching your animation cost me a bit of sleep... made me wonder what I'll wake up to these days! Every frame was worth the effort.

Blammed submission is blammed... But I'm sure it was awesome?

DERP. Thanks, Fixed.

Your, um... LINK to the Flash you authored... it points to a BLAMMED submission dated way back in 2002. I swear to God, you should probably edit the post or just tell people the movie is called &quot;Encounter&quot;, found on a link in your &quot;Latest Flash Submissions.&quot;

The Flash number is 560965.

(Post-Script: Nice Work... Mormon).

Gah O_o fixed. That was weird... Thanks for the heads up.

you look like the person from zack and cody ... their mum :D LOL! awesome drawinmgss!!~ &lt;3

XD Baha, thanks! I had to look her up. I'm blonde now so I look like her even more I suppose.

nice work bitch tits

Why, Thanks Mister!

very good anime that his girl, and teams congratulations, keep it up is already in my favorite anime like flash, and also as a favorite author, on the frames after frames ... continue so detalis background is normal ... but the old fashioned entertainment in lost

doesnt have much to do with your status thing but you a good artist

Bwah. Thanks so much <3

Oh my god you are hot.

lol I'm a Jehovah's Witness, I just mention it cause ...Mormons are often confused and or compared with us.

sickly animated btw, did not expect that :P

I love you

Sooooo. Your off-site blog contains some... fucking huge things!!
Why you no come back here?! Who knew you were such a major talent?